Spring material

SUPLEX coil springs are made from high quality chrome, silicone chrome or vanadium spring steel.

Spring winding

Modern CNC winding machines manufacture the coil springs with a high stability. SUPLEX offers both variants: hot wound and cold wound.

Shot-peened and stress-peened

SUPLEX springs are shot-peened in order to compact the surface and extend the longevity.

SUPLEX goes one step further and subjects the spring to treatment whilst it is assembled. The process is described as stress treatment or exposure treatment.

This careful process is crucial for lightweight design springs and springs which are stark heavily stressed.

Surface coating

All SUPLEX springs are provided with a zinc phosphate coating, which is primarily to keep the epoxy powder coating in a robust state.

The zinc phosphate coating prevents the corrosion of the spring steel.

Research and development

Whit the help of a spring tester, a technical data sheet is drawn up (with all parameters) for all new springs which are to be developed. A prototype is created based on these parameters, which has to go through a few test procedures before the spring goes into production. These test mainly consist of
metallographic examinations, mechanical material tests and longevity tests.